Our Services

Bioinformatics and machine learning services for microbiome, mycobiome and metagenomics analysis

  • NGS Data Analysis Services

    • Next-generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis as an end-to-end service from planning to publication    
    • Computational analysis of genome-wide data with tailored analysis, interpretation and visualization of results
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  • Bioinformatics Services

    • Up-to-date bioinformatics services to academic research groups, commercial projects and life science companies
    • Support during all stages of a project including research and experiment design, scientific writing with bioinformatics report tailored to specific requirements
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  • Machine Learning

    • Machine Learning (ML), a branch of Artificial Intelligence, trains algorithms to analyze large and complex data
    • Identification of important variables/species and model construction
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  • Genobiomics provides bioinformatics support for microbiome, mycobiome and metagenomics analysis
  • Next-generation sequencingdata analysis, bioinformatics and machine learning services
  • Expertise in analyzing mycobiome (fungal) and microbiome (bacterial) samples from different sequencing platforms
  • Various sample types are dealt with– plant, soil, water, skin, oral, fecal, vaginal, other tissues

Why choose Genobiomics?

  • Quick turnaround

    -Fast turnaround times providing high-quality data in the shortest possible time

  • Access to our team

    -Assisting your team from beginning to end of a project, offering support at all stages including study design, workflows and optimization of your analysis

  • Full bioinformatics report

    -Comprehensive bioinformatics report through a statistical and theoretical lens

  • Scientific writing

    -Assistance in scientific writing with a comprehensive description of the methods and results with an overall understanding of its significance

  • Customization of reports and visualizations

    -Reports, graphs and visualizations tailored to specific requirements that are publication-ready


  • Publication ready high-quality figures
  • Customization of reports to individual requirements
  • Specific needs for visualization methods and styles are considered