Bioinformatics services

  • Up-to-date bioinformatics services to academic research groups, commercial projects and life science companies
  • Assist life science researchers dealing with large amounts of biological data sets like NGS data sets
  • Support during all stages of a project including¬†
    • Assistance in writing bioinformatics sections in grant applications and scientific articles
    • Research and experiment design with cost analyses of experiments
    • Interpretation of the results
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Bioinformatics report tailored to specific requirements


Study design

Our team will be involved from the inception of your research project providing inputs for study design

  • advice on sample collection and storage options optimized for each workflow/study
  • advice on appropriate sequencing techniques: available sequencing platforms, target selection methods, sequencing kits, optimal sample quantities and critical sequencing parameters such as sequencing depth

Scientific writing

Grant applications and publications are an integral part of a research project. Our bioinformatics consulting services

  • assist writing bioinformatics plan into your grant application
  • assist in manuscript writing of bioinformatics part including later stage revisions
  • provide publication ready high-quality figures

Bioinformatics report tailored to specific requirements

  • Basic reporting-taxonomic and community composition, diversity of functional profile, differential abundance
  • Advanced fully comprehensive bioinformatics report
  • Custom reporting

Bioinformatics support

  • general consulting, review of project plans, data or manuscripts