NGS data analysis services

  • NGS data analysis as an end-to-end service from planning to publication
  • Offer help in planning, computational methodology, and concise reporting of projects involving next-generation sequencing
  • Provide computational analysis of genome-wide data with tailored analysis, interpretation and result visualization
  • Ensure the highest scientific standards in each phase


Meeting to discuss your research needs and project goals

A step-by-step plan of the analyses required, including the schedule and cost estimate of the project, and quotation for NGS data analysis service

Next-generation sequencing: Shipping the isolated DNA or RNA to the selected sequencing provider for sequencing

Quality control to ensure the data are of sufficient quality for analyses

Data analysis tailored to specific requirements with publication ready results

Review and interpretation of results together with your team

Project report including comprehensive method descriptions, results, tables, figures, and supplementary files with raw and intermediary data in any format required