Our Services

  • NGS data analysis as an end-to-end service from planning to publication
  • Offer help in planning, computational methodology, and concise reporting of projects involving next-generation sequencing
  • Provide computational analysis of genome-wide data with tailored analysis, interpretation and result visualization
  • Ensure the highest scientific standards in each phase


Meeting to discuss your research needs and project goals

A step-by-step plan of the analyses required for your project, including the schedule and cost estimate of the project and quotation for NGS data analysis service

Next-generation sequencing: Shipping the isolated DNA or RNA to the selected sequencing provider for sequencing

Quality control to ensure the data are of sufficient quality for analyses

Analysis with bioinformatics tailored to your specific format so that results can be used directly in a publication

Review and interpretation of results together with you

Project report with all the required documentation for publishing the findings. This includes comprehensive method descriptions and results in tables, figures, and files, including the raw and intermediary data in any format required

Our Services

  • Offer latest bioinformatics methods to both academic and commercial projects, to university research groups and life science companies
  • Assist life science researchers dealing with large amounts of biological data sets like next-generation sequencing (NGS) data sets.
  • Provide support during all stages of a project including research and experiment design, publication of results or to get a product completed
  • Quick turnaround time with top quality analysis
  • Bioinformatics report tailored to your requirements


  • Design your experiments with our expertise
  • Help in writing bioinformatics sections in grant applications and articles.
  • Data consultation to help you interpret the results
  • Perform cost analyses of experiments
  • Bioinformatics report tailored to your requirements


Study design

Our team will be involved from the inception of your study providing input to help design your study

  • advice on sample collection and storage options optimized for each workflow/study
  • advice on appropriate sequencing techniques: available sequencing platforms, target selection methods, available sequencing kits, optimal sample quantities and critical sequencing parameters such as sequencing depth.

Scientific writing

Grant applications and publications are an integral part of a research project. Our bioinformatics consulting services

  • assist writing bioinformatics plan into your grant application
  • assist in manuscript writing of bioinformatics part including later stage revisions
  • provide publication ready high-quality figures

Bioinformatics report tailored to your requirements

  • Basic reporting-taxonomic and community composition, diversity of functional profile, differential abundance
  • Advanced fully comprehensive bioinformatics report
  • Custom reporting

Bioinformatics support

  • general consulting, review of project plans, data or manuscripts

Our Services

  • Can be used with noisy and high dimensional data, for example, metagenomics and 16S data
  • Identification of important variables and model construction
  • Easy to interpret results
  • Multiple ways to visualize results
  • Important microbes/pathways for the classifier can be ranked in order
  • Complements other standard microbiome analyses